felipe pegoraro

CHF 3.500 / Monat
30. Juli 1982

Über Die Kandidaten

I come through this letter to introduce myself:

My name is Felipe, I’m 41 years old, born in Brazil.

I came to Italy in April 2019 to have my Italian citizenship recognized, which was accepted and from June 24th of that year, I was recognized as an Italian citizen.

I lived for a few more months in Italy, in the Province of Tuscany and in September of that year, I moved to Ireland, in the city of Dublin, where I lived for approximately 4 and a half years. During this period I worked in only 3 jobs, the first being in a restaurant, where, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my contract was terminated. After that, in 2020 I joined the company Jabil Circuits Inc, as an assembly operator, where I gained a lot of experience in assembling servers for data centers, and carrying out activities such as assembly, warehouse, stock control and quality control. I stayed at this company for approximately two years and two months.

After this, I joined the company West Pharmaceutical Services, where I worked as a production operator for approximately one year and 8 months. Our role basically consisted of checking the molded plastic components, packaging and palletizing. This way, completing the pallet, documenting it and sending it to the Warehouse. During this period I also learned functions such as visual and metrological inspection of components, following the company’s GMP standards.

I came to Switzerland in search of better work and learning opportunities, both professionally and personally.

I like to highlight about myself, punctuality in completing tasks, as well as honesty and team spirit.

I am grateful for your attention



Felipe Pegoraro